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1st intercontinental Emergency Medicine Congress

Dear Colleagues,

We are very excited and honored to organize the 10th National Congress in 20 years' history of emergency medicine in Turkey. As yo do know, we have experienced many significant changes in 20 years. In 1994, Turkish emergency medicine was born, crawled and started to walk and now, it is eager to run to achieve each and every one of its goals. So, we are mature now. This huge sector has more than 90 million patients, 20 thousand emloyees and it is an important agenda item in the country. It is even elaborated in the House of Lords. It is the leading area of specialization having the highest number of assistants and is one of the fastest growing sectors graduating faculties and specialists. Nonetheless, vis-a-vis so many head-spinningachievements, we are not there yet in bureacratic level because of high patient load and lack of any ER specialists within the top management of the health-care sector. For this reason, our colleagues, working day and night with great sacrifices in order to serve humanity, encounter immense problems and have to deploy huge efforts to overcome them. We continue to mention our problems and recommendations in all platforms and trying to take our place in any setting to reach our goals. The national congress is the main venue where such matters are discussed at the highest level. With this end, we are organizing an event of richer scientific and social content with the participation of Turkish Ministry of Health and related organizations.

This year's event shall provide guidance not only for Turkey but also for many countries expecting cooperation with us, due to our experience of 20 years and leadership role derived from our history and genes. The National Congress will also pave the way to a transformation, commensurate with our reputation by making the first steps to become a major event in international scale . The congress is a scientific feast designed with a comprehensive social program and the organizing committee started its works in June and acted in a highly structured way. The works are conducted by a professional team and propose significant changes.

This year, we are holding the event in cooperation with GenX Professional Congress Organizer,which is a rising and striking star, successfully organizing major events. The congress shall take place in a nice convention hotel in line with our goals, in beautiful Belek, Antalya. While concluding my remarks, let me express how excited we are to see you with us in the structuring of emergency medicine that we are building with strong steps and look forward to walking with you towards a bright future.

Prof. Başar Cander
President of the Congress

Adres:   Gloria Golf Resort Otel Belek - ANTALYA-TURKEY
Yer:   Antalya

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