Emergency Medicine Clinical Competence, Training & Quality Assurance (CCTQA)

Emergency Medicine Clinical Competence, Training & Quality Assurance (CCTQA)
September 30 - October 1, 2016 | Sardegna, Italy

Course Summary

CCTQA is a 12-hour (1.5 day) intensive professional development course for emergency medicine physicians delivered by the Harvard Medical School Office of Global Education (HMS OGE) and the Department of Emergency Medicine at Harvard Medical Faculty Physicians / Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center. The course is HMS OGE’s first emergency medicine course in Europe and is co-sponsored by the Region of Sardegna, Italy, the University Hospital of Cagliari (AOU Cagliari), and The University of Cagliari.

CCTQA will help emergency medicine physicians develop the clinical decision-making skills and quality assurance practices they need in order to deliver high-quality care to patients. Emergency medicine continues to develop throughout the world as an essential part of any efficient healthcare system. This course is designed for emergency clinicians who are current or wish to be future leaders in European emergency departments. In addition to clinical emergency medicine, the course will also explore important leadership and systems-development strategies relevant to this growing field.

Key features of CCTQA

Course participants will learn from world-renowned experts in emergency medicine. The course, facilitated by faculty from Harvard Medical School, will use case studies, presentations, and discussion to answer the following questions:

  • How we provide state of the art emergency medicine care for patients with neurological, cardiac, and infectious emergencies
  • How the emergency department coordinates with the rest of the hospital and healthcare system to maintain high-quality patient care
  • How we maintain and improve clinical skills of current emergency clinicians
  • How we begin to train the next generation of emergency physicians